ArmCare – Team Package (w/ programming)


This package includes online programming which will be emailed to you after purchase.  You can also access the program in “My Account” under the “Help” tab.  Click here for a sample program view.

The following equipment is included in the ArmCare – Team Package:

  • Digital Programs (email and online access w/videos)
    • Pre-Throwing Program
    • Post-Throwing Program
    • Activation Bands – Drill Guide
    • Plyo Balls – Drill Guide
  • 3 Activation Bands
  • Soft Tissue
    • 3 Set of Massage Balls
    • 3 Massage Stick Rollers
    • 3 High Density Foam Rollers
  • Recovery
    • 2 Mini-Rebounders
    • 3 Set of Plyo Balls (1 and 2 lbs. only)
    • 6 Light Weight Bands – Yellow
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Pre-Throwing Program

The Pre-Throwing Program is a complete warm-up routine designed to focus on soft tissue / mobility and meant to be used on throwing days.   It provides a step-by-step process with videos covering your pre-game protocol including a) Breathing/Reset, b) Flexibility/Soft Tissue, c) Mobility, d) Band Activation and e) Movement.


Post-Throwing Program

This program is meant to provide you with a comprehensive and easy protocol similar to that being done by top professional ball players. It is meant to be performed as a posts-throwing protocol to restore range of motion and help maintain appropriate levels of mobility.


Activation Bands (w/ drill guide)

Activation bands (black and red) are designed to be easily transportable to the gym or field. They are primarily used as part of a throwing warm up to target specific muscles and movements. They help activate and balance rotator cuff and surrounding muscles, prepare the arm to accelerate/decelerate and increase blood flow prior to throwing.


High Density Foam Roller

Foam rolling is an effective, inexpensive, and convenient way to reduce soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue accumulation, while getting many of the benefits of stretching w/o causing unwanted “lengthening”. Also known as “self-myofascial release”, it helps simulate the muscle spindles causing the muscle itself to relax.

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Massage Stick Roller

Massage stick roller is easy to carry and can be taken and used anywhere. It is another form of soft tissue work to relieve soreness and stimulate circulation, targeting the biceps, triceps and forearm specifically. By removing adhesions to the tissue in these areas, athletes can also help reduce stress to the UCL ligament.

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Massage Balls

Massage Balls are used a form of self-myofascial release that can be as powerful as any massage device to help relieve adhesions in the fascia, relieving pain and improving function in sore muscles. They can help improve muscle performance, increase joint range of motion and decrease muscle fatigue and soreness.

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The Mini-Rebounder is used as part of our post-throwing recovery and UCL protection protocol. It is designed to help develop the elbow/shoulder’s ability to absorb force efficiently and protect the elbow during decel. This is particularly important during elbow ext. when large amounts of force need to be decelerated quickly.

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Plyo Balls (w/ drill guide)

Plyo Balls are soft rubber balls that are just slightly larger than a baseball and designed to be thrown against a wall without worrying about excess rebound. This allows the athlete to get all ranges of throwing intensity work in, without the need for a throwing partner. Available in 3.5, 5, 7 , 9 oz and 1 and 2 lbs.


1 and 2 lbs.

Light Weight Bands

The Light Weight Bands can be used for both building strength and improving mobility. They supply 2 to 15 lbs. of either assistance or resistance. Great for post-throw recovery training, and for adding resistances or assistance to bench press, push up, squats or a variety of pulling exercises designed for the overhead athlete.


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