Massage Balls


Massage Balls are used a form of self-myofascial release that can be as powerful as any massage device to help relieve adhesions in the fascia, relieving pain and improving function in sore muscles. They can help improve muscle performance, increase joint range of motion and decrease muscle fatigue and soreness.

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Peanut and LAX Ball + + Foam Roller
Price for all three: $47.97


Our Massage Balls are sold as a set, one is similar to a Lacrosse ball and the other is in the form of an unshelled peanut.

  • Effective at relieving back pain and stiffness with soft yet dense material so that applied pressure targets stiffness and pain points
  • Cradles the spine for corrective therapy and applies pressure for increased tissue mobility
  • Use on other painful localized parts of the body where trigger release is required
  • Accelerate recovery from back pain and sports injuries
  • A component of the Mobility Package


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