Rockland Peak Performance (“RPP” or “RPP Baseball”) is a 13,000 sq. ft. high performance baseball training facility located in Paramus (Bergen county) in northern New Jersey.  We provide an unparalleled atmosphere that combines extensive strength training knowledge with a cutting-edge scientific and data-driven approach to developing our pitchers and ball players.

From the weight room to our pitching and hitting programs, our approach is body first. This means our primary focus is helping our athletes become the best versions of themselves. In addition, we utilize the latest in technology from Velocity-Based Training (“VBT”) in the weight room to a complete motion capture system (“Mocap”) inside the nets. Our comprehensive and customized approach allows us to assess, train and re-assess players on an ongoing basis.  Our athletes are walking testimonials as to the power of our highly customized programming.

If you’d like to learn more about RPP Baseball, feel free to click here for access to our main website. Also, if interested, you can click here for access to our blogs webpage with over 350 articles that we have published on training pitchers and ball players.