Arm Care

Too many pitchers at all levels of the game either treat their arm care routine as if it’s a hassle or simply don’t do it properly or thoroughly. With the rise in injuries, every pitcher needs to take arm care seriously. The following is a listing of packages and items in our arm care program.

  • Pre-Game ArmCare Package provides you with a comprehensive and simple pre-game protocol. A proper pre-throwing program should take 20-25 minutes before you pick up a ball.
  • Post-Throwing ArmCare Package provides you with a comprehensive and simple post-throwing protocol. A proper post-throwing routine should take 10-15 minutes after you’re done throwing.
  • UCL Protection Package is for protecting the UCL and it can performed on non-throwing days 2x/week to help stabilize and strengthen the flexor/pronator muscle groups, improve shoulder mobility, and help control excessive ROM during the season.
  • Total ArmCare Package provides you with a comprehensive protocol similar to that being performed by top professional ball players. It is meant to be used on both throwing and non-throwing days and includes soft tissue preparation, mobility, cuff strengthening/activation and pre- and post-throwing (recovery) protocol and UCL Protection package referred to above.

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