Youth Performance Package (w/ youth program)


This package includes online programming which will be emailed to you after purchase.  You can also access the program in “My Account” under the “Help” tab.  Click here for a sample program view.

Strength is still the foundation of most athletic qualities; the best part is, it’s also the most trainable. Optimizing a young athlete’s metabolism by developing the muscular system as well as their aerobic system has been shown to improve mobility as well as the musculoskeletal system to help reduce the risk of injury as well as enhance performance during puberty.

The Youth Performance Package is an all in-inclusive package designed for youth (ages 10-15) and focuses on (a) mobility, (b) improving basic movement patterns and plyometrics and (c) building muscle mass without the use of free weights.

The Package includes the programming (2-3x per week) and the equipment necessary to perform the program, which can be downloaded after purchase (delivered via email).  Below is a summary of the various components of the training program:

  • Warm-up Routine
  • Activation Circuit
  • Power / Plyo
  • Strength Training
  • Circuit

See equipment list provided in the Description section further below.

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Youth Performance Program

Strength is still the foundation of most athletic qualities; the best part is, it’s also the most trainable.  This strength and conditioning program is designed for youth (ages 10-15) and focuses on (a) mobility, (b) improving basic movement patterns and plyometrics and (c) building muscle mass without the use of free weights.


High Density Foam Roller

Foam rolling is an effective, inexpensive, and convenient way to reduce soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue accumulation, while getting many of the benefits of stretching w/o causing unwanted “lengthening”. Also known as “self-myofascial release”, it helps simulate the muscle spindles causing the muscle itself to relax.

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Massage Stick Roller

Massage stick roller is easy to carry and can be taken and used anywhere. It is another form of soft tissue work to relieve soreness and stimulate circulation, targeting the biceps, triceps and forearm specifically. By removing adhesions to the tissue in these areas, athletes can also help reduce stress to the UCL ligament.

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Activation Bands (w/ drill guide)

Activation bands (black and red) are designed to be easily transportable to the gym or field. They are primarily used as part of a throwing warm up to target specific muscles and movements. They help activate and balance rotator cuff and surrounding muscles, prepare the arm to accelerate/decelerate and increase blood flow prior to throwing.


Mini Ankle Band

Mini Ankle Bands are great for use at home, in the gym or on the field. They are most often used in performance training to activate the glutes prior to performing bigger lifts or when strength training younger less experienced athletes. Also great for to strengthening the posterior chain while rehabbing a hamstring or knee.


Light Weight Bands

The Light Weight Bands can be used for both building strength and improving mobility. They supply 2 to 15 lbs. of either assistance or resistance. Great for post-throw recovery training, and for adding resistances or assistance to bench press, push up, squats or a variety of pulling exercises designed for the overhead athlete.


Power Bands

Our power bands are a staple in many of our training programs due to their ability to cover a lot of exercises that may generally require weights. Whether it be assistance or resistance training for upper body work, training lower half power or using it for core/recovery work, they are like having an all in one gym in a bag.

Heavy and Medium


Sliders (pair) are a big bang for the buck and allow athletes to work on their hip hinge, lower body stability, core and many other exercises specific to baseball without adding in the challenge of deceleration. They are great for strength development in new movement patterns. They are also extremely portable.

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Agility Ladder (15 ft)

The Agility Ladder (15 ft), used properly, is great tool to help improve quickness by training accelerated foot strike and ground reaction forces. It's also great for low-level fast plyometrics, first step acceleration and landing mechanics.  It can also help to improve speed when used with an appropriate strength program.

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Grip Strengthener

The Grip Strengthener is a highly portable piece of equipment that can help target the flexor-pronator muscle group. It can help build strength around the area and also improve grip strength vital to batters as well. The compact design allows you to fit it in your pocket, or gym bag, making it easy to take anywhere.

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Plyo Balls (w/ drill guide)

Plyo Balls are soft rubber balls that are just slightly larger than a baseball and designed to be thrown against a wall without worrying about excess rebound. This allows the athlete to get all ranges of throwing intensity work in, without the need for a throwing partner. Available in 3.5, 5, 7 , 9 oz and 1 and 2 lbs.


1 and 2 lbs.

Gym Bag

The Gym Bag helps our customers keep their equipment in one place.  It can be used as a field bag or simply a place to keep everything together in once place.  It's dimensions are 21" x 10" x 11".   it comes with a strap and several compartments.

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The following is a summary of the equipment included in the Youth Performance Package:

  • Digital Programs (email and online access w/videos)
    • Youth Performance Program
    • Youth Warm-up Routine
    • Nutrition Guide
    • Activation Bands – Drill Guide
    • Plyo Balls – Drill Guide
  • Soft Tissue
    • 1 High Density Foam Roller
    • 1 Massage Stick Roller
  • Miscellaneous Bands
    • 1 Activation Band
    • 2 Mini Ankle Bands – Blue
    • 2 Light Weight Bands – Yellow
    • 1 Power Band – Heavy (Black)
    • 1 Power Band – Medium (Red)
  • 1 Set of Sliders (pair)
  • 1 Agility Ladder
  • 1 Grip Strengthener
  • 1 Set of Plyo Balls (1 and 2 lbs. only)
  • 1 Gym Bag