Youth In-season Package (w/ in-season program)


Getting strong in the off-season to prepare for great performance on the field is paramount, but let’s not forget that it’s the athlete that finishes the season as strong as he started that usually reaps the most reward. Drops in velo, both on the mound and off the bat, as well as injuries, can all be a result of not training in-season.

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Youth In-season Program

Maintaining your strength and power during the long baseball season should be a part of every player's year-long plan.  The in-season program provided here is designed for youth (up to age 16) and focuses on different traits that need to be addressed during the season such as mobility, core, max strength and power / power endurance.


Activation Bands (w/ drill guide)

Activation bands (black and red) are designed to be easily transportable to the gym or field. They are primarily used as part of a throwing warm up to target specific muscles and movements. They help activate and balance rotator cuff and surrounding muscles, prepare the arm to accelerate/decelerate and increase blood flow prior to throwing.


Power Bands

Our power bands are a staple in many of our training programs due to their ability to cover a lot of exercises that may generally require weights. Whether it be assistance or resistance training for upper body work, training lower half power or using it for core/recovery work, they are like having an all in one gym in a bag.

Heavy and Medium

Light Weight Bands

The Light Weight Bands can be used for both building strength and improving mobility. They supply 2 to 15 lbs. of either assistance or resistance. Great for post-throw recovery training, and for adding resistances or assistance to bench press, push up, squats or a variety of pulling exercises designed for the overhead athlete.



Sliders (pair) are a big bang for the buck and allow athletes to work on their hip hinge, lower body stability, core and many other exercises specific to baseball without adding in the challenge of deceleration. They are great for strength development in new movement patterns. They are also extremely portable.

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Below is a summary of equipment in the Youth In-season Training Package:

  • Digital Programs (email and online access w/videos)
    • Youth In-season Program
  • Miscellaneous Bands
    • 1 Activation Band
    • 2 Light Weight Bands – Yellow
    • 1 Power Band – Heavy (Black)
    • 1 Power Band – Medium (Red)
  • 1 Set of Sliders (pair)
  • 1 RPP Baseball Gym Bag (optional)

This package includes online programming which will be emailed to you after purchase.  You can also access the programming in the main menu under “My Account / My Online Programs”.  Click here for a sample program view.