Wrist and Forearm Trainer


The Wrist and Forearm Trainer is a strengthening tool that strengthens the flexor carpi radialis, a relatively thin muscle that assists in abduction of the hand and wrist and is part of the flexor / pronator” group, a group of muscles that help stabilize and protect the elbow, specifically the UCL – especially in the “layback” position.  Plates purchased separately.

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Wrist and Forearm Trainer + Club Bell Pronator +
Price for all three: $78.97


The Wrist and Forearm Trainer is one of the pieces of equipment in our UCL Protection Package.  Below are some additional specifications and details:

  • Approximately 16″ wide for ideal grip
  • Constructed with heavy duty steel
  • Comes with a high quality nylon webbing strap
  • Helps strengthening the wrists, hands and forearms
  • Plates purchased separately

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